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Brought to you by Better Homes and Gardens "New Decorating Book: All New Edition"

The Living Room

I have put together some design tips for you that I feel can work for every home!  I will incorporate tips from the book, my favorite websites, magazines and blogs from local designers and not so local designers, because, let's face it,  Joanna Gaines is just amazing! I hope you guys enjoy and learn a little more than you knew before viewing this page.  Enjoy making your home as cozy and beautiful as YOU prefer with me relaying information from some of the experts out there! I will update this page and add new things frequently! 

Here are some of the best tips I found inside!


Arrange your furniture around a view, whether it's windows looking out to your backyard, fireplace, or a wall-mounted TV.  Make sure each seating space is within reach of a table and a light source.

Tip: Small movable tables and floor lamps are a great way to achieve light sources and tables within reach.  Also keeping the furniture in your living space neutral to last through changes in your décor through the years!  Adding bold, changeable color with your less expensive accessories and even wall paint!

If you have a smaller space for a living room, try to use "double-duty" pieces such as ottomans, that also serve as storage, seats or tables.


If you want a change things up in your living room but don't want to completely redecorate everything or working on a budget, just sit back and take a look at what you already have.  Can you repurpose any of your existing pieces with paint or fabric? Declutter.  Get rid of anything you no longer want in your space, either use them in another room of your home, sell, or donate them.

Tip: Take pictures of the pieces that you love and want to keep! Gather pinterest ideas, paint samples, and fabric patterns and place them on a poster board.  Set it in your living room to test the lighting throughout the day.  This takes some time but be patient with the process and it could produce the most beautiful living room makeover!


Add some character to your space with crown molding or board and batten.  Pinterest is a do it yourselfer's digital door to the contractor's tips and tricks!  I have supplied to of my favorite links of how to's below!  Also, if you are like me, someone who has the greatest intentions of doing it all myself but there are just not enough hours in a day, visit my featured contractors page to find someone I highly recommend to come do it for you!  Your home could be transformed in just one day!