{My Gifts To You}

    I wanted my website to be more than just promoting myself and my business.  I wan to provide my visitors with education on making the home they have the best it can be for their families and to offer contractors that I know personally that are just as good at their crafts as they are people.  One of the things I have the most pride in, according to my business, is providing honest and genuine care for my clients.  So, whether you are moving and need to get the house ready to list, following the checklist I provided for you in "Before Listing Your Home" or you want to hire someone to come in and help you decide what needs to be done, either you DIY or hire a professional to make those changes for you, I provide both those options for you.  Maybe you just moved into a new home or you do not plan on moving at all in the near future, I have provided you with seasonal home maintenance and design tips to make where ever you are, exactly how you want it.